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This is nerve-wracking.

It's my first job's orientation tomorrow and I'm terrified and excited at the same time. I didn't expect to be in the education field after finishing journalism (since almost everyone in the family are in the teaching field) but yes, here I am. Although I will not be teaching, but rather working more on modules and editing (which I did a lot in college), I still think it's weird that I ended up working for a university.

And then the day after tomorrow, I will be attending the Japan Education Fair and Convention here in Manila, which, I bet, will be awesome. I'm after the talk and the discussion of the Japanese culture but I guess this will be some sort of reunion for my batch mates in the JENESYS 2.0 Mass Media Programme. And speaking of Jenesys, it has almost been a year since our trip to Japan! I terribly miss that place.

I remember seeing Arashi in JAL's plane magazines and pre-flight advertisements, in different billboards at Narita airport, at Haneda airport and even in New Shin-Chitose. I was thoroughly satisfied then.

And then some Japanese students from a university in Hokkaido went to my former high school for a benchmarking/appreciation tour. I hope they had a nice time here, just like we did in their prefecture (and in Sapporo City University!).

I guess that's everything. I need to work on my review of the For the Feels bundle of the #JustWritePH blog tour. I'm due to post my thoughts on the bundle by Saturday.

Ciao ciao.


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