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So on our last year in college, we decided to take on the challenge of writing a hundred, 100-word stories of any genre. Sadly, we didn't get to finish because of thesis, internship and tons of other things to write. (Sometimes, I feel like I shouldn't have chosen a course which requires more writing than I actually do on a daily basis. But yeah, Journalism has been really fun so no regrets)

I Googled one of my stories and a Wattpad link was on the top. I made a book under the pseudonym, Fuzzwald, containing the stories of various authors, though most are mine. My nickname for this writing project was Calypso. I have four other friends who contributed under the names, Indigo, Wormtail, Grinmoire Heart and Four-eyed Panda. This book was wittingly called, Project One Hundred.

I was so psyched for the first few days that I wrote about ten. I slacked off after that because I had pending tasks for thesis. Not to mention, two of the contributing writers are my thesis-mates.

So, for this year, we're going to take on this challenge again. Restarting Project One Hundred for a VERSION 2! Featuring new pseudonyms but same writers. The new books may include their short bios, I don't know. BUT YAY! We're doing it again!

Here's to battling boredom, one hundred words a day!

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