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The next year's presidential elections will be my first time voting and I have faith in my vote making a change for the country.

But with the recent events, I think people would settle for the famous politicians, or worse, settle for the lesser evil and I feel like this would be one of the worst elections EVER. I haven't been around for long but yeah, you get the gist.

An aspiring president is making a name for himself, desperate to acquire the public's sympathy and hopefully, votes in the upcoming election. This pathetic idiot and the members of his family in politics apparently feel like they have done so much for the country already. He even dissed the administration he was in for the better part of six years. During his speech, he asked, "Where was the administration?" You're a part of that administration, idiot. The question should be, WHERE WERE YOU?. Not to mention, he was the freaking vice president. As if that wasn't a high enough position to initiate changes in the country he wished to serve. If he was ever elected president, I WOULD DEFINITELY LEAVE THIS COUNTRY ASAP.

Then there was this inexperienced senator who has been in position for only a few years who was pressured to run for president because of her popularity among the masses. It's sick. She has tons of potential, if you ask me, but to spoil that reputation with a run for presidential elections, I would think it was a bit presumptuous of her. I just hope she never gives in to the current administration's foolish plans to gather support from the voters.

Then there were experienced politicians with tons of potential of making changes with this tortured country, who couldn't appeal to most of the masses because most people don't really have access to internet and the news. I would want to vote for them, but I guess they're losing hope already with the number of aspirants. I know some who have been running for the same position for years. This year of elections may be just another year for them.

I feel terrified for this country. I just hope the people who will vote keeps in mind that a small amount of bribe for your vote will not last for six years, the same length of his reign over the country. It's deceiving and I hate that people still get deceived for a small money. If I were you, I would ask for a larger amount before they could buy my vote. To legal voters, use your mind and not your temporary thirst for money. If this country gets a decent leader, I'm sure you'll receive more benefits. Like better appropriations for the people's taxes. We badly need that.
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