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I'm just going to delve into this topic once because I was hurt and terribly affected by a video, cleverly titled "Dear Fat People."

I wholeheartedly admit that I am fat. It's a known fact. I have put on weight since high school and I have been eating unhealthily since I was a kid. I am overweight, according to my recent physical exam. People around me have been telling me to try and lose weight so I'll fit into beautiful clothes and I know they say it because they want me to look and feel beautiful.

But, and I will only admit this today, I am hurt by comments about my weight. I am hurt because I am ashamed of my body. They do not know that every time I stare at my body, all I see is my bulging stomach. In every picture I take, I will always take note of how big I looked in it. It's terribly painful to look at yourself and loathe what you see.

This is the initial reason why I got issues with my stomach. I was deluded. I thought that if I forget to eat a few meals, my stomach will recede and I will eventually get thinner. But I was very wrong. This thought rewarded me with awful sharp pains in my stomach and constant nausea. This is painful to admit because I was ashamed of myself for that. But I'm working on it. I'm working on changing things because of this.

So thank you, Grace, for this video. My dark days are still here, lingering like unwanted shadows. But I won't let it consume me completely. I just wanted to write this to show people that if they are concerned about someone's weight, then go about telling them in a nice way. The mean or even teasing jabs about it will not help them in the long run. They may resort to desperate measures that will cause eating disorders. We don't want that. I don't want that.

This has gotten pretty long but I hope everyone is okay.

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