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This is the bittersweet tale of my first week in my first job.

So, I was finally able to land a job after a few months of idle waiting. It's not a dream job but at least I still get to do some writing and some editing on the side. It's strangely satisfying to be of help to people and I feel important (whilst doing this job, idk).

My superiors are nice. Quite blunt and outspoken, unlike me, but they're overall awesome. I just listen in on their conversations too much when I'm not busy with paper works. But yes, so far, it's pretty great at the office, although my fingers grow numb in cold because the air conditioning is conveniently positioned on a place where the cool air directly hits me. All's good.

But just this Thursday, I was in an accident. A dumb one, to be quite honest. I was walking home and my feet is aching because of my new pair of shoes. When I was about to cross the pedestrian lane, I lost my balance because of my shoe's heel and I fell ungracefully in the middle of the road. It was embarrassing because my foot ached so bad that I had to limp back to the sidewalk just to ease the pain. Some people riding motorcycles and cars even made sure I was truly okay before they go on their way (because soon after I fell, the lights turned green).

And now, TADAAAAA~ my foot is swollen and aching!

Oh and I received awesome gifts from my thoughtful Kaa-san from Hokkaido. Her "omedetou" cards are cute and I would treasure them forever. (I even got bonus pictures of Nino and Jun plus a One Piece case. Woohoo! I'm happy. Can't you tell?)

That's it. I'm done. I hope I'll make it through to December. (That's when our deadlines will end) *crossed fingers, fervent prayers*
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