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The rain won't stop for days now and it isn't helping my frayed nerves. My stomach coils at the word "unemployment" and leaves a strange feeling of pain around my chest. I hate that word as much as the next person but they must understand that I may have taken comfort in it but I do not accept it as a word for my current state.

I read this quote somewhere on Facebook last week that says:

"You would like to read, but somehow the rain gets into the book, too; not literally, and yet it really does, the letters are meaningless, and all you hear is the rain."

It is from Embers by Sándor Márai, a Hungarian writer and journalist. According to his bio on Goodreads, he was the first person to write reviews for Franz Kafka's prominent works. Embers is his most prominent work in English.

But before I get carried away by Márai's enthralling history, I would like to get back to his quote which is highly appropriate for this day.

I would like to believe that I love the rain. But sometimes, the rain is all you can hear and that bothers me a lot. There is this greater pull to stay in bed all day because it's cold and getting up meant looking forward to a day listening to rain pitter-pattering on our poor old roof.

I wanted to continue reading Far Far Away by Tom McNeal and I was getting to the good parts, as well. Yet as the rain continued to pour outside, quoting Márai, the rain gets into the book, too; not literally, and yet it really does, the letters are meaningless, and all you hear is the rain.

The feeling grew severe.

After three days of rain, I have neither written a single word nor read even a short story.

And I have to google how to use neither and nor because I forgot how to do it! Sucks.

Until next time.
Maybe when the rain stops,
I'll be able to write something interesting.
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...not in a weird way or anything but I was channel surfing earlier and I found the first episode of How to Get Away with Murder starring Alfred Enoch.

If you don't have the time to Google who Alfred Enoch is, let me give you some hints.

EXHIBIT A. He played Dean Thomas in the Harry Potter movies.

EXHIBIT B. He also played the role of Stephen Bainbridge in an episode of Sherlock.

The Harry Potter puberty fairy has worked its magic yet again.

So just a spoiler-free review: I loved it! I love the premise. I love the acting and the setting. Although it's a bit predictable, I love how everything they needed will eventually come to build up to a single event. The plot's full of intrigue, complications and speculations, revolving on the theme of getting away with murder.

Downloading it now up till season two. I'm excited.
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I haven't had the chance to watch the Billboard Awards which Teddy apparently hosted (insert an inaccurate list of reasons why) but I can't believe how cute he was. Awww. I'm loving him more and more despite his evidently rising fame. (Teddy is not a little secret anymore, can't say I'm not disappointed though)

credits go to sheerious-sheerio on Tumblr for the wonderful set of gifs

And he really did.

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So....Dan changed his icon on Twitter and I quote, changing my icon as you all keep harrassing me but i'm choosing another stupid one bc i'm trash #ripwowza

Actual meme trash Daniel James Howell, everybody.

I might make a danisnotonfire pimp post soon because of this. GAH, Dan. What are you even doing?!
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So I went to an American Boulevard shop today to look for man-sized tees on sale and it didn't disappoint. (And in case you were wondering, I'm a female who loved to shop for men's clothes. They're comfy!) I immediately found one with a Pacman design which I'm sure my brother will wear sometime soon.

But this growing collection has nothing to do with men's t-shirts. I think I have found a new addiction. I noticed a small stand by the counter of the shop containing little Scout magazines. I was intrigued so I browsed it while the lady behind the register wrapped my purchase. She told me I could take the magazine for free. That's when I realized how obsessed I am with free reading materials in selected stalls.

When we arrived at Narita airport last year, my friend and I were nearly separated from the rest of the group because we tried to pick up as many copies of free reading materials about Tokyo and Japan from the barely-there magazine rack. No one from the other groups noticed it, but we definitely did.

I have more of those when we left the airport but I had to let go of some when we have to leave the hotel the next day for Hokkaido. Too bad I didn't get any reading material from Hokkaido but I'm glad my host family had huge shelves of manga which really impressed me. If I had brought books with me, I would have given it to my host family as a present.

But anyway, I think I may start collecting these from now on. I even get free newspapers at train stations and I used to love reading them while I was on my unhurried way to school.
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I am not gay. But I fully support the people from the LGBT community and this was such a huge success for them. This news made me the happiest this week.

The U.S. Supreme Court has declared gay marriage legal across the United States on Friday. Everyone from all over the world raved about this issue, trending #LoveWins and talking about #MarriageEquality on Twitter. It was truly an amazing thing to witness online and no words could explain how happy I was for them.

The stories of the people asking for the right to marry were written as the majority opinion. They said that “they seek not to denigrate marriage but rather to live their lives, or honor their spouses’ memory, joined by its bond.”

The only thing I'm curious about is why do people make a big deal out of same sex marriage? Will it affect the country's economy? Will it affect other people's lives (aside from the couple's)? Will it be such a big deal to allow two people who love each other to share the same name and to spend the rest of their lives together and to be acknowledged as a legal couple?

The reactions against this particular issue were absurd.

I saw one comment from a news article saying that this was a sign of nearing judgment day.


The society is gradually progressing. Sometimes we have to let go of ancient traditions and make new ones for the new generation. This marriage for same sex couples may be hard to stomach for some, but come on, they're people. Just like you and me.

And if you think you deserve to be happy, then they deserve it, too.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]I want to learn how to speak four other languages and a few dialects from my country and be a fluent speaker. Oh, that would be the day!!

I want to learn Welsh, Japanese, German, Bahasa and French. Then, I want to study Bisaya, Waray and as much dialects as I could. :D
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Take me to Japan or London, anytime. London, because I aim to live at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, visit the Big Ben and see a West End play. Japan, because they have the coolest stuff there and the nicest people (YES. I can testify to that).


Jun. 18th, 2015 02:59 am
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Random blahs for the new layout.
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“A love like that was a serious illness, an illness from which you never entirely recover.”
- Charles Bukowski, The People Look Like Flowers At Last.


A girl like that is once in a lifetime.

She has been bedridden for quite a while now. He met her when he broke his leg and he was aimlessly searching for the nurse in the corridors of the eerily quiet hospital. She was peeking at him from a distance. Their eyes met and she smiled, her cheeks colored.

He didn’t smile back.

She called him once with a sneaky “psst” when he passed by her room on the day he was discharged. She motioned for him to come inside and sit on the lone chair beside her bed. Her cheeks were pink, her eyes were sparkling with amusement and she had a sly grin on her face.

He didn’t smile back.

She was still there when his mother was hospitalized when the old lady accidentally slipped on the ladder to their little home’s attic. He was frustrated because he still hadn’t found a permanent job. He paced back and forth in front of the door to his mother’s room, running his hands through his hair in exasperation. When his eyes strayed to the door in front of his mother’s, a familiar pair of eyes welcomed his sight. She was in the middle of her meal and she was smiling yet again. She waved and smiled.

He didn’t smile back.

She looked tired that night when he just got back from the convenience store to buy some snacks. She was clutching the blanket like it was her lifeline and she was silently crying. She mustn’t have noticed him by the door because her cries grew louder until it was the only thing he could hear. There was no smile for him.

So he didn’t smile back.

It was months after their first encounter and he climbed up to her hospital window to sneak inside way past visiting hours. Her mother was sleeping on the maroon couch on one corner of the room while she opened the window with her hands. He sat on the bed beside her and told her stories, some about his experiences and some made up on the spot for her entertainment. He came back every night, she would be there waiting. The payment for his services was a charming smile.

He didn’t smile back.

She wasn’t smiling but her face was relaxed, as if she was content. She might be somewhere in paradise. She must have tried to smile. He looked down at her and wondered, maybe she smiled…or maybe she didn’t. If she did, then he was truly sorry…

…he didn’t smile back.
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“We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think it’s forever.” –Carl Sagan.
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(n.) the emotional relief gained from using abusive or profane language.
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Dec. 21st, 2014 03:21 am
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Written on 12/24/2013.

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Genre: Romance/Drama
Pairing: Aiba Masaki/Becky
Synopsis: She often wonders how he could be optimistic even in hopeless situations. Then a first arrives, she sees the slight quiver in his smile.
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~Wrote this on a whim.

Chapter One

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Genre: Romance
Pairing: Ed Sheeran/Nina Nesbitt
Synopsis: They broke up way before they became famous. But soon, she discovers his long lost moleskin journal filled with songs he never sang.

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Jul. 6th, 2014 12:57 am
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Bittersweet memories
Like a hot cup of coffee.
It burns your tongue but warms your stomach.
Hopeless dreams
That can never be.
Just take a cup of coffee; tilt your head back.


Jul. 5th, 2014 12:56 am
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This is the untold story of fairytales.
And what happened after the ‘happily ever afters’
The princesses have left the castles,
The princes have peeled all of their masks.
The animals have turned back to their true forms.
The kiss ended.
And life is now devoid of its magic.


Jul. 5th, 2014 12:51 am
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He gave up his soul a long time ago to a man he didn’t even recognize. For fortune, for fame, and everything good in between. But he didn’t want this life anymore; a life lived in darkness and isolation, a life with pure hatred and nothing with love.

He searched hard for him, he really did. He searched the dark alleys, the abandoned buildings. He cried, he fought till he bled, he did everything to make him appear again but to no avail.

He went back to his grandiose penthouse and slumped heavily on the pristine leather couch which barely made a dent in his fully loaded bank account. He held his head in both hands as he contemplated how he could give up everything good in his life for a life of endless luxury?

He paced back and forth across his huge living room and as he passed the mirror he has always loved, he saw his reflection grinning like a maniac. The monster was in him all along and it would stay with him forever.
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