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[Error: unknown template qotd]I was in sixth grade when my Secret Santa/friend/classmate decided to give me a copy of this new comic book called Kikomachine Komix, along with some food (because he knows I love a good read to match good food, what an amazing friend). It was written in Filipino and almost all of the jokes are centered on college life. When I reread this first book when I was in college, I finally got most of the jokes. It was that memorable for me.

Kikomachine, unlike most comic strips, have characters with no names, yet they have these striking personalities which made them stand out. The comic thrives on simplicity and sarcastic humor. It WAS amazing.

I just felt like I missed out on a lot of jokes before because when I reread the comic book, I didn't remember laughing as much as I did when I picked it up again.

Not to mention, the artist, Manix Abrera, also made comic strips of journalists' daily life. The punch lines were hard-hitting and so realistic!

But despite my admiration for Kikomachine (which I wish would stay around for much longer), I kind of miss my cousin's favorite comics, Funny Komiks, all in Filipino. I don't know. It used to be his source of inspiration for his art and I used to read it a lot before. Some of the strips were a lot like anime, but the originals were classics.

*Sigh* I suddenly miss Niknok, Litlit Bulilit and Tomas at Kulas.
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