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I'm back to writing after a few days in bed due to colds, coughs and fever. Not that I'm up and energetic again because my throat still has a long way to go. Deciding to go night swimming after a night of partying (both for my sister's 18th) was such a bad idea, in retrospect, especially when cold nights are starting over here. But I had fun, anyway.

I invited some of my college friends to my sister's party like it's my own but they're fairly close and only a few people came, some cancelling at the last minute. They were kind enough to give presents and I was glad that they had fun. I even invited my best friend since kindergarten who lived near our home because we met the day before my sister's birthday to watch Minions and I figured she wanted to do something during the weekend. All in all, it had been a fun but tiring event.

The thing with friendships is that over the years, I've had different cliques from elementary, high school and college. But it delighted me to know that the people I decided to hang out with have personalities that are almost, if not, the same. When I introduced my best friend to this small group of college friends, they hit it off pretty quickly and it was cute, seeing another friendship born before your very eyes.

Nothing warms my heart more than friendships kindled and/or rekindled. Unlike romantic relationships, friendships are for forever. No matter how long the time passed since you've last talked, no matter how many spats you go through, it's hard to ignore that pull to talk to a friend again, for an unbiased opinion on things, for listening, or for a storytelling.

And then you have these stories of your favorite people with friendships that will warm your heart more.

There's the Fantastic Foursome reunion at this year's Vidcon. I miss these dorks, hanging out in the hallway, looking absolutely uncomfortable in the sea of people. Aw.

Then there's Arashi supporting their Leader at his art exhibit. (Plus cutie Okada, I love him so much)

And then Tom Freaking Fletcher decides it's time to post a picture of Mcfly playing together for a friend's wedding as if my heart isn't fragile enough.

Don't you just love friends and friendship and the warm and fuzzy feelings that come with it? I know I do.

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