Aug. 3rd, 2015 01:56 am
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It's not that I'm too distracted by the web that I can't bring myself to sleep.

It's because I'm scared of these strange, recurring bad dreams. It's getting scarier everyday.

It started with the one with Aiba Masaki in it. I don't know how he got into my dreams but I remember every detail of that dream vividly. It was short, but I slept for nine hours that day, and it's quite scary, at least for me. In the dream, I was chasing after Aiba for an interview, I think, and when I catch up to him, he's fuming in anger. I haven't seen an Aiba like that one, not even in dramas. But his facial expression is scarily accurate that I took a few steps backward from him.

I mean, Aiba? Getting irrationally angry? That little ball of sunshine?

And then it gets worse.

I had a dream after my uncle's funeral just last May. It was too scary to recall but I saw him struggling to breathe inside his coffin, banging on the glass hard because he needed to get out. I remember panicking, because when I look around, the people visiting are apathetic. Maybe I was the only one who could see that. But the memory still makes me shiver in utter fear.

Then the other day, I dreamed that I was sleeping over at my grandmother's house. I was sleeping beside my cousins, and one by one, they disappear. Then someone tells me that a stray manananggal is roaming around, looking for food. I don't know if manananggals work that way but I didn't like the impression that my cousins are disappearing one after another.

Last night, in this latest dream which I'm still bothered by until tonight, was a Saw-like setting. I was with my college classmates, high school friends, and my best friend since kindergarten. It was terrifying because there are also cases of disappearance. The games and the challenges we have to overcome (it was so silly because it was something like, finish this spaghetti in record time and if the setting wasn't terrifying, I would have laughed). I was so intent in saving my best friend because I felt like I dragged her somehow into this wicked game. The last thing I remember from that dream is sleeping in tents and we were only a few by then.

I have been having different scary dreams every night. I don't know what to do. Should I lessen my caffeine intake? Because I would. The scary part is, sometimes, I can't even remember what I'm so scared about.

GAH. Let me have a nice sleep and a nice dream for once, please.

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