Jul. 2nd, 2015

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I haven't had the chance to watch the Billboard Awards which Teddy apparently hosted (insert an inaccurate list of reasons why) but I can't believe how cute he was. Awww. I'm loving him more and more despite his evidently rising fame. (Teddy is not a little secret anymore, can't say I'm not disappointed though)

credits go to sheerious-sheerio on Tumblr for the wonderful set of gifs

And he really did.

Evidence of Ed's impeccable hosting skills )
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...not in a weird way or anything but I was channel surfing earlier and I found the first episode of How to Get Away with Murder starring Alfred Enoch.

If you don't have the time to Google who Alfred Enoch is, let me give you some hints.

EXHIBIT A. He played Dean Thomas in the Harry Potter movies.

EXHIBIT B. He also played the role of Stephen Bainbridge in an episode of Sherlock.

The Harry Potter puberty fairy has worked its magic yet again.

So just a spoiler-free review: I loved it! I love the premise. I love the acting and the setting. Although it's a bit predictable, I love how everything they needed will eventually come to build up to a single event. The plot's full of intrigue, complications and speculations, revolving on the theme of getting away with murder.

Downloading it now up till season two. I'm excited.


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