Jun. 29th, 2015

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So I went to an American Boulevard shop today to look for man-sized tees on sale and it didn't disappoint. (And in case you were wondering, I'm a female who loved to shop for men's clothes. They're comfy!) I immediately found one with a Pacman design which I'm sure my brother will wear sometime soon.

But this growing collection has nothing to do with men's t-shirts. I think I have found a new addiction. I noticed a small stand by the counter of the shop containing little Scout magazines. I was intrigued so I browsed it while the lady behind the register wrapped my purchase. She told me I could take the magazine for free. That's when I realized how obsessed I am with free reading materials in selected stalls.

When we arrived at Narita airport last year, my friend and I were nearly separated from the rest of the group because we tried to pick up as many copies of free reading materials about Tokyo and Japan from the barely-there magazine rack. No one from the other groups noticed it, but we definitely did.

I have more of those when we left the airport but I had to let go of some when we have to leave the hotel the next day for Hokkaido. Too bad I didn't get any reading material from Hokkaido but I'm glad my host family had huge shelves of manga which really impressed me. If I had brought books with me, I would have given it to my host family as a present.

But anyway, I think I may start collecting these from now on. I even get free newspapers at train stations and I used to love reading them while I was on my unhurried way to school.


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