Jun. 27th, 2015

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[Error: unknown template qotd]I want to learn how to speak four other languages and a few dialects from my country and be a fluent speaker. Oh, that would be the day!!

I want to learn Welsh, Japanese, German, Bahasa and French. Then, I want to study Bisaya, Waray and as much dialects as I could. :D
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I am not gay. But I fully support the people from the LGBT community and this was such a huge success for them. This news made me the happiest this week.

The U.S. Supreme Court has declared gay marriage legal across the United States on Friday. Everyone from all over the world raved about this issue, trending #LoveWins and talking about #MarriageEquality on Twitter. It was truly an amazing thing to witness online and no words could explain how happy I was for them.

The stories of the people asking for the right to marry were written as the majority opinion. They said that “they seek not to denigrate marriage but rather to live their lives, or honor their spouses’ memory, joined by its bond.”

The only thing I'm curious about is why do people make a big deal out of same sex marriage? Will it affect the country's economy? Will it affect other people's lives (aside from the couple's)? Will it be such a big deal to allow two people who love each other to share the same name and to spend the rest of their lives together and to be acknowledged as a legal couple?

The reactions against this particular issue were absurd.

I saw one comment from a news article saying that this was a sign of nearing judgment day.


The society is gradually progressing. Sometimes we have to let go of ancient traditions and make new ones for the new generation. This marriage for same sex couples may be hard to stomach for some, but come on, they're people. Just like you and me.

And if you think you deserve to be happy, then they deserve it, too.


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