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[Error: unknown template qotd]I have bought the entire trilogy of The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare soon after each came out. I have been meaning to read it all as soon as I get my free time but two or three years have passed and I still haven't read past Clockwork Angel which is quite bad, to be honest.

The Mortal Instruments series is probably one of the first series which I struggled to buy with my own money as soon as the books were released. The first two books were late Christmas gifts from my aunt last 2009 and since then, I have been collecting each book by Cassandra Clare. It became an addiction.

Of course, it's only right that I read the anticipated sort-of prequel series to TMI which is The Infernal Devices so I bought them all, as well. Like I said, it's an addiction.

But it came to the release of the last book in the TMI series and I'm still stuck in the middle of Clockwork Angel. I have seen spoilers, tons of them, all over the fandom, but I forced myself to forget those.

I even finished The Bane Chronicles before this trilogy. WHAT.

Yes, the entire series has been in my to-read list for a very long time and I hope I find the time and the motivation to read it all and immerse myself in the world of Tessa, Will and Jem. Because I miss reading about them. :)
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