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This is a weird first post in this website. Still learning the ropes for this one.

Yo! Mariane here. My best friend calls me Mars, my family call me by my second name, my college blockmates decided to call me Mayan, for some unknown reason. I collect books. I collect notebooks. I search the internet for some of the most bizarre happenings around the world. I'm obsessed with creepypastas and disturbing tales. I love cake, french fries and hamburgers. I haven't had any drinks from Starbucks but I love instant coffees because I'm too lazy to make my own cuppa. I often have bad dreams. I'm a Virgo. I'm an INFP. Currently unemployed but on my way to getting a job. A Journalism graduate. I hate parties and talking in front of a crowd. I shop for clothes in the men's section. I hate skirts but I like dresses. I spend too much time on Youtube. I'm interested in stories about serial killers. I want to be an astronaut, or maybe volunteer to travel to another planet or to the moon. Basically an introvert.

I like dorks. I guess I'm a subdued and mostly calm person so I seek for something fun and weird in people.

But anyway, here are some helpful links!

My account and writing community at Livejournal - Spacewhistler and Ghosts in Space

My personal blog, Fictionalien and a literary blog, Written on Scraps of Paper

My Fanfiction account under the name, HexShadow because it's still relevant, at least to me and a AO3 counterpart under the pseudonym, MayanMcCool

And my Tumblr account, a multifandom trash bin under the name The Girl in the Sunny Place

I guess that's all, thank youuuu!

A hello from me (using Taylor Lautner
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